The Source School
Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We envision a system of education that evolves to support a thriving future for both individuals and society. Education 4.0 is…

  • Co-created to enable all people to connect to community, nature, and self;
  • De-colonized from repression and coercion; and
  • Designed for experiencing inner sources of knowing and the sources of collective intelligence.

Education 4.0 is described by Otto Scharmer, the author of Theory U, as “connecting learners with the sources of creativity and the deepest essence of our humanity, and teaching them to co-sense and co-create in the face of emerging future possibilities.”

Education 4.0 needs to combine knowledge acquisition, and creative, critical, and generative thinking with the capacities of the heart and will to enable us to take meaningful and impactful action, transforming our world by transforming ourselves.

Our Mission

The Source School works to realize Education 4.0 by

  • Creating processes, environments, and experiences for co-sensing the emerging future of individuals, schools, and educational systems,
  • Sharing what we learn with others,
  • Grounding our work in projects in local communities, and
  • Creating space for healing and integrating collective trauma.

The Source School is a Maine 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.