Vision + Mission

School is where we learn to flourish, together.

We envision:

  • a world full of hope, where we can create the future we imagine together.
  • a world where love leads us to understand each other and take action to support each other’s flourishing.
  • an evolving system of education — including schooling, family, media, policy and law, and culture — that creates the good life for all.

Education 4.0 can help us reach these visions in the context of a rapidly changing world. Education 4.0 is described by Otto Scharmer, the author of Theory U, as “connecting learners with the sources of creativity and the deepest essence of our humanity, and teaching them to co-sense and co-create in the face of emerging future possibilities.”

We come alongside schools and districts to strengthen their capacity for caring, understanding, and transforming — creating learning communities where each of us feels hope and knows we matter.

We focus on participation — student, educator, and community participation in creating the future of our schools and therefore our communities and our society. When we come together out of care to understand one another and the challenges we face, we can work together to transform the present into the future we want for ourselves and our children.

When we work together with others to make a difference — in our families, schools, and communities — we feel we matter. And when we know we matter — know we can make a difference — we can have hope. And hope for the future is what our young people need most of all right now.

The Source School is a Maine 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.