The Source School
Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees

The board of trustees guards the vision and mission of The Source School by ensuring programs are informed by diverse stakeholder perspectives and directly support the goals of the organization. We are also responsible for its financial sustainability and compliance with state and federal law. Members have a deep commitment to the work of The Source School and volunteer their time and expertise to support its healthy functioning.

New members are nominated by current board members throughout the year as need and interest arise. Contact us if you are interested in joining us in service of The Source School.

Jennifer Chace, President

From Freeport, Maine USA

Collaborating with others in transforming the system of public education from the inside out is my passion. In addition to my work at The Source School, I am the Assistant Director of the Maine Education Policy Research Institute, and a full-time doctoral student. My research centers on the intersection of mental health, democracy, and personal agency in young people and the adults in their lives. B.A. Art, Mount Holyoke College; M.Ed., Antioch New England University; Transdisciplinary Therapeutic Arts, Tobias School for Art and Therapy in East Grinstead, UK; Certificate in School Management and Leadership, Harvard Business School / Harvard Graduate School of Education; and current PhD student in Public Policy and Education Leadership at University of Southern Maine.

Didi Heri

From Portland, Maine USA

Didi is a recent graduate (Class of 2023) at Portland High School and a member of the first Theory U for Youth cohort. She is hoping to student science in college next year and maybe become a doctor. She’s lived with family in the Congo, Paris, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Washington DC, and Maine. Didi wishes that students would find school to be a first step to show them that their voice matters, their ideas matter, and it’s okay to speak up and that they can be understood by adults. She believes that teachers and students should have a strong relationship, with respect for each other and understanding that the world is changing, that diversity is a strength, and that the United States is uniting.

Joan Jaeckel

From Los Angeles, California USA

I’ve been following and pondering trends in the holistic education space and its growth and struggles vis a vis the mainstream education project since the 90’s. I was part of founding teams for the first two public Waldorf charter schools in Los Angeles. My focus is creating societal awareness about whole child education practice as the essential leap towards humanity’s great evolutionary challenges.

Lisa Sattell, Secretary

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Lisa spent the first decades of her career primarily as a K-12 language educator and new teacher guide. She is continuing her work outside the traditional classroom in myriad ways and with all age groups. Lisa is currently developing new products and processes for school-based middle and high school youth-led awareness based systems change. She also serves as an embodiment, meditation, and self-awareness leadership facilitator for fun, emergent, participatory- and healing-centered education and leads the Capra Course “Systems View of Life, Learning & Leadership” and “ECO in Eco-literacy and Eco-design” study groups. Her other activities include writing, researching, and reclaiming media and storytelling spaces with warm data and the art of sacred hospitality, and collaborating to develop an arts-based crowdfunding model.

Joe Snider, Treasurer

From San Diego, CA USA

Joe is an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army. He graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point in 2019 with majors in Law and Economics, and he is now a Captain stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, serving in the 82nd Airborne Division. Joe believes that love should be the guiding force in the world, and he works to embody that vision every day.