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Mainers on Education

Mainers on Education

Cross-sector Conversations on Education in Maine

The conversations below were hosted by Jennifer in Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021 and feature a rich variety of individuals engaging with each other on the topic of education, ranging from their own educational experiences to policy ideas for improving education in Maine. The series is co-sponsored with Education Action Forum of Maine. Each conversation is just under an hour and well worth the listen. We will pick up again with the series in October. Join our newsletter and we’ll let you know when a new one is available. 


Listen to Xavier Botana (Superintendent of Portland Public Schools), Laurie Lachance (President of Thomas College), and Chris Wolfel (Director of Entrepreneurship at The Roux Institute) share their own educational journeys, the impact on their careers of the investment others made in them, and where we can make the most impactful investments in education now. (December 2021)

Innovative Mindsets

Listen to Dr. Kylie Bragdon (Director, Maine Ocean School), Patrick Breeding (Co-Founder, Marin Skincare), and Nick Rimsa (Founder, Tortoise Labs) share their perspectives on innovative mindsets in students, teachers, and designers of schools. You’ll also hear them discuss why meeting the students of today while preparing them for tomorrow’s economy means designing learning environments to give students room to explore, experiment, and solve problems important to them. (June 2021)


Listen to Emily Dwinnells (Director, NASA Space Grant Consortium), Jeremy Jones (Executive Director, Maine Charter School Commission), and Derek Pierce (Principal, Casco Bay High School) discuss their own school experiences, imagination as a core skill, why we need nature in our lives, and more. (May 2021)