The Source School


Educational Partners

We partner with schools and districts to enhance connection among students, teachers, families, and communities. Our 2022-2023 partners are:

Organizational Partners

We also partner with people and organizations whose values and activities are aligned with ours to enhance the value we each bring to the education ecosystem.

We thank these organizations for partnering with us this year!

  • The Heartfelt School,
  • La Sal de la Tierra,
  • Cortico / MIT’s Center for Constructive Communication, and
  • Dr. Angel Acosta of the Acosta Institute

We are thrilled to be partnering with Dr. Angel Acosta again, this year to support the second Healing-Centered Education Summit: Play, Slow Work, & Our Collective Flourishing, October 7-10, 2022.

We are fundraising now to support Maine educators of color to attend. Let us know if you’d like to help sponsor the scholarships.

What is Healing-Centered Education? Over the last four decades, social-emotional learning (SEL), mindfulness-based and contemplative education, trauma-informed care, restorative justice and decolonizing education have formed part of the frameworks that constellate the healing-centered turn in educational discourse. However, the notion of healing-centered education is still fairly new in the realm of educational practice and academic research.