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Winter 2022 Programs

Creating Cultures of Connection — for Maine educators

Join us monthly starting January 2022.

Second Tuesdays, 3:30 to 5pm via Zoom.

Join through the google form below.

Creating Cultures of Connection is a no-cost guided peer coaching cohort for Maine teachers. Do you want to gather with other teachers once a month to breathe and dip your toes into the waters of connection? You will have the opportunity to experience new ways of connecting to your sources of wisdom and knowing and to others around you. Come as you are and connect with yourself and a small group of other teachers seeking nourishment and inspiration for connecting more deeply with your students— for their well being and yours. Based on group interest, we will step into topics such as understanding your students and their families through multiple lenses such as racial identity development, rural poverty, cultural communities, and more. Let us know you are interested in learning more by using the form below. You can join us at any time. We’d love to have you!

See below for a bit more information and for a list of guides who will host the sessions.

GOOGLE FORM to formally register your interest: Click HERE.

Want to connect with us to find out more? Fill out the contact form below.

Theory U for Youth...begins again in January 2022!

Our Fall 2021 cohort was so excited by the experience that they asked us to continue into November and December, and now January! We delved into the basics of Theory U, attended the Maine Youth Action Network conference, and developed an area of interest to investigate this winter: the invisibility many Hispanic and Latinx students feel at school. 

This project will be the focus of the Winter session as we participate in U.Lab 2x through the Presencing Institute. 

New members living in the Portland area are welcome to join. 

If you would like us to bring a new cohort to your area, let us know. See an overview of one version of the program below. We can tailor the program to meet your community’s needs.

Let us know you are interested in participating by filling out this

super short google form