Los Angeles

hey LA! Glad to have you here.

Our Los Angeles branch is headed up by Joan Jaeckel, who has been at the forefront of education change making for the past three decades. Joan is the proud mother of two grown children, one of whom currently teaches middle school in a Los Angeles district public school. 

Current projects seeded in LA include:

Creating Cultures of Connection in-person retreats for district, charter, and independent school teachers who feel a longing to connect more deeply with themselves and their purpose in teaching as well as their students to create nourishing and inspiring learning environments for adults and young people alike. Teachers leave with greater clarity of purpose, tools for deepening relationships with students that don’t require taking “extra minutes” from your curricula, and a network of connections to local teachers. We collaborate with local professionals and members of The Source School from around the country to bring this program to Los Angeles. We also can bring a “retreat” to your school over one or two days.

Listen LAa program for high school teachers and students designed to foster hope, mattering, and civic engagement through student-adult collaboration on school and district policy. Spanning a semester or several years, we work with teachers and administrators to develop a cohort of student leaders who learn to research student and adult experience in your school and then collaborate with peers and adults to address issues of importance while developing deeper levels of trust in themselves and each other as well as hope for the future. We collaborate with The Center for Constructive Communication at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to run this program using technology developed by Cortico AI.

Let us know if you’d like to find out more. 

Contact us directly at hey-LA@thesourceschool.org.

Find out more about Joan: Joan Jaeckel BIO