Core Team

What is the Core Team?

The Core Team members hold the vision for the ongoing work of The Source School. And, while the Research Circle extends far and wide, sensing into all of the systems that intertwine with the system of education, the Core Team focuses that learning into new prototypes that are seeded in Maine and Los Angeles. The Core Team members are also members of prototyping location teams and/or the Research Circle.

Jennifer Chace

From Freeport, Maine USA

Collaborating with others in transforming the system of public education from the inside out is what I intend to do as a part of this team. I have the role of Executive Director at The Source School. Waldorf educator, school leader, project manager, mentor, organizer, art therapist, volunteer, mother, wife, daughter, friend, artist, marketing professional, and dog mom are all titles I’ve used or been given. B.A. Art, Mount Holyoke College; M.Ed., Antioch New England University; Transdisciplinary Therapeutic Arts, Tobias School for Art and Therapy in East Grinstead, UK; Certificate in School Management and Leadership, Harvard Business School / Harvard Graduate School of Education; and current PhD Public Policy and Educational Leadership student at University of Southern Maine.

Joan Jaeckel

From Los Angeles, California USA                                                                                                                                                       

I’ve been following and pondering trends in the holistic education space and its growth and struggles vis a vis the mainstream education project since the 90’s. I was part of founding teams for the first two public Waldorf charter schools in Los Angeles. My focus with the u.lab 2x 2021 project was the goal of creating societal awareness about whole child education practice as the essential leap towards humanity’s great evolutionary challenges. To read more about Joan’s work in education, click HERE.

R0semary McMullen

From Pittsburg, Pennsylvania USA
Rosemary McMullen, PhD in English literature, was a university educator for several decades and works as an independent writer, researcher and editor. Publications include poetry, fiction, and essays. She is certified in poetry therapy, family constellations, biodynamic agriculture, primary and secondary Waldorf education. She has taken ULab courses since 2015.

Lisa Sattell

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin and New York City

Lisa is an experienced K-12 educator, workshop facilitator, and community organizer currently serving as a meditation and self-awareness leadership facilitator for healing-centered education. Her interests focus on the creative process and its major role as catalyst for systems change in the collective social field.