Today is a day to remember that change doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Change doesn’t happen linearly, in an orderly, progressive fashion, but it does happen. Change doesn’t happen without sacrifice, but it does happen. It happens IF we persevere, IF we stay nimble and responsive, and IF we are willing to let go of inhibiting patterns and ways of thinking, even if they have provided us with much comfort.

But what about vision? Change—positive, intentional, sustained change—doesn’t happen without vision. What are we seeking? When we focus on what we DON’T want, instead of on what we DO want, our attention goes in the wrong direction. It goes backward, and it keeps us in the past. Looking at and tearing down what IS and WAS is easy. Creating an imagination of what COULD BE is much harder. 

When we focus on the emerging future, as Dr. King did when he shared his dream with us, we help create that future instead of re-enacting old patterns, even when it seems the world is against us. It’s not against us. But the voices of judgment, cynicism, and fear are with us all. And they can stop us from opening our mind, our heart, and our will that can catalyze positive change.

Today is a day to let live in each of us our highest future selves so that the highest future possibilities for our communities can be realized. Opening our minds and hearts to understand whoever we see as “other” will only strengthen our work and calm the fear that keeps us from acting for the good. 

We are, truly, all in this together. There is no escaping to an island of likeminded folks. Let’s make THIS island called Earth one that is hospitable, nourishing, and truly enlivening for all.  A good place to start is Education.