The Source School


Deepening Connections in Schools

Youth + Adult Collaborative Circles

Collaborative circles are designed to nurture deeper relationships between adults and youth in schools of all types. School staff, teachers, administrators, and volunteers can make the difference in a student’s life, the difference between a youth feeling they matter and feeling invisible. But how do you do that? How do adults cultivate the space for relationships to grow when the school day is so hectic? Collaborative circles bring a group of six to eight together for 60 to 90 minutes to get to know each other better through specially designed conversations and activities. Our trained facilitators provide the structure and content for participants to relax and enjoy the process of developing deeper connections that leave adults and youth alike feeling renewed. Circles can be held during class time, after school, or in a retreat format.

Mentoring and Coaching for Individuals and Teams

It is not WHAT you teach; it is HOW you are and WHO you are in your classroom that makes the difference. Yet, educators have extremely full plates simply bringing curriculum to a new set of students every term. You became a teacher because you want to make a difference in your students’ lives, and you know this means more than content delivery. We can help you or your team build in practices that deepen connections to yourself, your students, and your students’ families. This is not extra work — it is working with how you do the things you already do, making them more impactful and supportive of your students’ thriving. We start with your goals, your routines, and your classroom and help you be the teacher your students need.

School-within-a-School Design

So you want to design a classroom or classrooms for maximum educator and student connection and thriving. We are here to help. Designing a learning environment around connections to community, nature, and self might sound daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. We help you connect your enthusiasm and intentions to the practical, walking through the parent outreach and messaging, prioritizing, making decisions, and getting started. Your school-within-a-school can start with one single classroom or it can be as expansive as a new, teacher-led, mixed-age outdoor program for multiple grades. What is important is creating a school experience where adults and students alike are nourished and find joy in learning. We can do it together, one step at a time.